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This is NOT a "cepat kaya" scheme website, but actually a cara cari duit website.
Here I will reveal the fact that it is posible to generate an steady income by doing business over the internet. However, I must stress that it will be tough work especially at the beginning stage, it is not as simple as just slapping up a website and watch the "duit" starts rolling in as most beginners thought.
No, there is much much more to it.


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Many Malaysians, including me, are dreaming to be able to set up a successful online business, so that we may have financial freedom and do not need to work for others again.
But making an online business works is not easy. It is simple but not easy. I have been trying since 1997. I dare not say I am successful, but I am willing to share my experience with you so that you will not make the same mistakes which I made. That will save you a lot of time and money and keep your hope alive at the same time.
Do check in often.
Some of the facts revealed here cost me thousands of ringgits to gather over a long period of time. Now I am showing you free of charge, some of the Internet Marketing (IM) gurus (sifus) may want to kill me for doing it!
Anyway, methods for making money on the internet may be roughly grouped into the fellowing ways:
  • Selling domains
    Here I don't mean selling newly registered domains, of course you can make some money doing so but that sholud come under the heading of "Affiliates". The domains which can fetch big money are those which have been around for quite some time and also connected with a website with proven streams of traffics and long list of members.
    DotCom...
  • Affiliate Programs
    The easiest way to start an online business is to become member of an affiliate program. You do not need to create your own product, you just sell others' products and collect the commissions.
    Affiliates...
  • eStores
    eStores are also known as online store fronts.They are websites with extra enhancements and capabilties for taking orders online.These e-commerce enhancements include shopping carts(sometimes called "baskets"),payment processors,shipping costs calculator and check-out tools.
    eStores...
  • Portals
    These are huge websites with multifunctions.They are excellent source of information, and their search enginees are what set them apart from the peers. A good portal will enable you to search for information,read the latest news,shop and sell things,socialise and create your own photo albums.
    Portals...
  • Internet Marketing
    This is a relatively new branch of the internet business.People involved in this method of online business are basically selling information on how to start and run a successful online business. They sell eBooks and conduct training courses and holding seminars, all on one single favourite topic: HOW TO GET RICH THROUGH INTERNET MARKETING. But sad fact is many of those who sell these materials have never tasted success themselves.
    IM...
  • Membership Sites
    These are websites catering for social networking. Different segments of the community have their own unique circles and these circles form the so called membership sites. The source of income for the site owners is through collecting monthly membership fees.
    Membershipsites...
  • AdSense
    Google earns its money from the advertisers which purchase advertisements (AdWords) from Google.In turns, Google places these "Adwaords" on websites all over the internet. Owners of these websites allow Google to do so because when visitors to those websites click on the "Adwords" on the websites, the site owners will get paid. By the way, the Google advertisements placed on these websites are called "AdSense". Few years ago, Adsense was a good source of income, but not any more now. I have over 50 sites and blogs altogather and all with adsense on them, but I am not making enough money to call it a steady income. But still better than nothing lah! So I am still building more adsense sites, including this one. Now you know why I am telling you the "secrets" foc lah...
    AdSense...
  • eBooks
    If you like writing, you should try your hand on producing your own eBooks.The most sellable eBooks are those teaching people how to do some thing, or to solve problems.The best starting point is to write some thing you are well verse with and passionate about.That way you will sound authorative in the subject in the eBook.EBooks are also known as digital information products because they are in digital form.It can be downloaded instantly and save the shipping charges too.
    eBooks...

From the methods above, I will only recommend to beginners to concentrate on these few areas initially: Affilite Programs, Membership Sites and Google AdSense.
The important thing is start some thing, get the feel of doing business on the internet.Then you can venture into deeper waters after knowing the rules of the game better later on.

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